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Model X-TREK Version 2

Model X-TREK Version 2

Thanks to its slightly different design, the performance of Version 2 is increased compared to the Model X-Trek Original:


Ease / speed of assembly on the bag, ease / speed of assembly of walking sticks to quickly switch between carrying and rolling mode; all while keeping an extremely low weight and an even greater robustness!

  • Technical characteristics


    • Weight :1.8kg


    • Recommended loading:< 20kg


    • Ease/speed of assembly:<30s to install it on your bag


    • Simplicity/speed of assembly of poles:<20s to switch from rolling mode to carrying mode and vice versa


    • Axle retractable carbon fiber:wider / reinforced / with integrated locking system


    • Polypropylene mounting plate:semi-rigid, very robust and made of recycled material


    • Rigid flap:to protect the bottom of the bag with x2 aluminum tubes (thickness 2 mm)


    • Fixing strapsreinforced with military grade quick release buckles


    • Puncture-proof wheels withsealed ball bearings


    • Customizable: thanks to its self-gripping band, you have thepossibility to "scratch" your own badges / logos


    • Modular: other kits will be available soon:kayak trolley / bicycle trolley that will "graft" directly onto your Model X-Trek V2


    • High quality materials:carbon fibre/epoxy, aluminium, stainless steel hardware



    Composition of the Model X-Trek V2:x 1 reinforced axle with integrated locking, x 1 semi-rigid mounting plate, x 2 wide wheels, x 1 Version 2 hands-free kit, x 1 all-terrain aluminum protection to protect the axle, x 1 rigid mudflap_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_to protect the bag



    We advise you to use aluminum trekking poles with mechanical clip locking (FORCLAZ - MT100 type from Decathlon:


    Note: Bag and walking sticks not included




    New generation axle option:developed for the Model X-Trek V2 Evolution, we offer this upgrade for your Model X-Trek Version 2; rushes fiber hut high tenacity, unbreakable injection molded connecting pieces plastic with system distance adjustment to choose the position of your wheels: retracted, apart or in position intermediate depending on the width of your bag

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