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An ultra-light hiking cart

From day trips to multi-week roaming, the Model X-Trek fits quickly and easily into your pack and will change the way you hike !

Alternate between carrying and rolling your bag


The weight
no longer 

a constraint

In driving modeyou only carry 10% of the weight of your bagon your hips. The remaining 90% of the weight is on the trolley wheels.


In addition, thanks to its ultralight weight, the Model X-Trek allows youto alternate between rolling and carryingof your bag depending on the difficulties encountered on your journey.

Any hike
becomes a real pleasure

EN Pourquoi le model x-trek.jpg

One of the great innovations of the Model X-Trek, is to use its own walking sticks to tow its bag and allow a great saving in weight. When approaching a technical passage where rolling mode becomes impossible, all you have to do is unclip them from the Model X-Trek, retract the wheels, and put the bag back on your back.

In addition, thanks to the hands-free kit that attaches to your hiking belt, the fully loaded Model X-Trek does not affect your movements and you keep your hands free; handy if you have a map, a camera or your cell phone!

Designed and made in France

The Model X-TREK is protected by the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI)

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