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"I set off from Strasbourg in Alsace to Oslo in Norway. Around 2000 km with 30 kg of equipment, water and food and the Tactical XIII trolley carrying 20 kg every day for 4 months on all types of terrain and in all types of weather.

Snow, frost, rain, sun on earth, roots, gravel, pebbles, sand (the only difficult terrain with the trolley unless you're lucky enough to be able to walk along the water's edge where the sand is compact! Otherwise you switch to rucksack mode) over uneven, muddy terrain and asphalt... I was surprised by the efficiency of this trolley because I really put it to the test and I was never disappointed!

Having problems with my knees, I was able to do something extraordinary and have the best experience of my life!

Thanks again and long live the adventure".



I set off on the Camino de Compostela from the Orléans region in mid-April.

The trolley was a great help in carrying my 13 kg bag, which at 65 I wouldn't have been able to do. I travelled more than 500 km in a month and left again for 15 days in July for the next 300 km.

Most of the time, I didn't feel the weight of the bag, except on the sandy tracks of the Landes. It's waiting in a small bag for me to set off again next spring.





Just over 200 km covered with 19 kg towed over 9 days.

As I lead groups of hikers over several days, with nights under the stars, I had to find a piece of equipment that would allow me to carry extra equipment without injuring myself or tiring out over the long haul.

Well done to the Tactical XIII trolley, which fulfils its mission by protecting the whole body; a real ally in comfort and health.



Last May, I crossed the Altyn Emel desert (in Kazakhstan) from Konirolen in the north to the river Ili in the south. From there, I was able to refill my water tank and reach another town, Darbazakym, to the east. It took me 5 days for about 100km, so I took my time!

The cart allowed me to carry 12 litres of water as well as freeze-dried food for 6 days (in case of problems). I'm 54 years old and not a great sportsman. It would have been impossible for me to envisage this crossing carrying everything (personal belongings + water and food) on my back.

Tactical XIII au Kazakstan.jpg



I spent a long time looking for a solution to accompany me along the route to Santiago de Compostela and I discovered the TACTICAL XIII website with the X-Trek V2 model; the testimonials and videos convinced me to try it and, as they say, "to try it is to adopt it".
So I set off on the trail and I did it: 1500 kms from Le Puy en Velay to Saint Jacques!!! with a 15 kg rucksack (I know it's not the recommended weight... but I had health equipment).
I think that for more than 90% of the way, I was able to load my bag onto the X-Trek trolley and I can say that without this ingenious solution, I would never have been able to make the journey... Thank you and well done to TACTICAL XIII for this revolutionary trolley!
Its advantages: it's light, quick and easy to switch from rolling mode to carrying mode.
And finally, I've never had so many photos taken... well, not of me, but of my trolley!



5 days, a little over 100 km in the high Vosges on trails and forest and tarmac roads. I left with a special pair of sticks for the cart, I needed mine to walk.

My bag weighed 15 kg with 4 days of food plus 2 kg of water. On forest or tarmac roads with no inclines, it was a treat. I hardly felt the trolley, 1 kg on my hips and nothing when the road was slightly downhill. Beware, you have to organise your bag well so that the weight is at its maximum on the wheels.

I used a wide belt to pull the trolley, to which the two attachment systems (carabiners) were sewn.

All in all, I really appreciated the cart without which I would not have been able to hike this long distance.

Many thanks to Tactical XIII for this invention.




"I have just used the X-TREK- version 2 trolley on the Portuguese and Spanish paths for 3 weeks. It was loaded with 15kgs with my camping equipment.I'm very happy with it in terms of its lightness, maneuverability and size, whether it's for flying (it fits easily in a small 30x38x18cm bag!), on busy streets, on public transport or in the accommodations.


On the flat trails it was forgotten and allowed me to recover pleasantly from my efforts during the elevation changes. Given the very rainy weather, my bag and equipment were wrapped in the over-bag for the plane. It amazed me with its sturdiness and its behavior on all terrains, sometimes very rough or even off-trail. I have just had a wonderful adventure in complete serenity and this trolley has greatly contributed to it".



""After my spinal operations I didn't think I could hike anymore and now I'm light.


I was able to take the Camino de Compostela again; what happiness.


Thank you for this concept!

Model X-Trek.jpeg
2022-09 - Romain de Tassigny (1).jpg



"I used your cart during a 954 km journey on foot (Rouen-Nérac).I am pleased. I had to make some improvements given the size of the bag, but buying an over-bag (Decathlon) to hold everything in place and protect the bag from the weather, it was perfect. The over-bag and 2 tensioners did the trick for a pull cart weighing around twenty kilos. With the load well distributed to perfectly balance the bag on the trolley each morning, the behavior of this one on the uneven paths posed no problem. A real buggy. And you don't feel the load and the effort was much less than what my journey would have been with a bag on my back.

Great! I recommend ! "


Daniel from Strasbourg

"Here it is, for me the adventure is over, Le Puy en Velay - Saint Jacques de Compostelle 53 days of walking with my Tactical XIII wagon, baptized "Ursuline" in honor of the chapel of the same name, an exceptional gite in Air sur l'Adour.

Just like the gîte, this cart is "exceptional" in many ways, I was able to cover an average of 30 km without getting tired and this for almost 8 weeks, it ran on all terrains and, God knows, the first week is not a "cakewalk". The distance between the wheels is really an asset for stability, and the wheels loaded with twelve kgs did not balk at the task.        

Another advantage is that without the weight of the bag on my shoulders, I had no problem of friction in the shoes, so no blisters! I'm going back next year on the "Via Francigena" of course with Ursuline."




My X-Treck V2 trolley has just been received and I try it out around the house. After having tested different methods to hang it up, I decide to use a sport banana which allows me to have my water bottle, my phone, etc. within reach. In mid-August I took it from the Mont Gerbier de Jonc to follow the GR3 and then the gorges of the Loire.

And I was really impressed, it followed me faithfully all along the route even if I honestly should have worn it in some very rough sections but it held, my hike was a real pleasure. It was also practical for the return journey by train, I left the wheels up."



"I have been on the Way of St James since 25 September, leaving from Marseille (arriving on Sunday morning by boat from Porto Vecchio), today I am crossing Montpellier.

Loaded with a 50-litre bag weighing 10kg, this trolley gives me everything I could hope for, its lightness, on certain false flats you are surprised to find yourself checking if it is still attached to your belt, its solidity, there are certain sections of the path in very poor condition, its practicality for putting the bag on and taking it off, the concept of being able to take the bag on your back on very uneven passages."

Chariot de randonnée Model X Trek V2.png


 Lionel, mountain guide

"As a professional hiker, I used the X-trek V2 this summer during the Vanoise glacier tour. I had been looking for this type of equipment for a long time and it perfectly met my expectations. I'm now looking forward to setting off again on a longer route (GR5 Leman - Menton) in autonomy!"


Eric from Chantilly (60)

"My biggest surprise was to discover that I could walk 9-10 hours a day without experiencing the fatigue of carrying. When I stopped at the end of the day, I was not exhausted, so I recovered well and had a good night's sleep.  

This is how the 900 km over 44 days of walking that I had planned turned into 31 days and 2 hours to get from Hendaye to Santiago de Compostela; 30 km per day on average. At 69 years of age, this is still a great achievement and it is thanks to the Tactical XIII trolley that I was able to do it!




"Our touring trip in Spain is over. We covered about 1600km on a variety of paths: tarmac roads, tracks with sand and small stones, GR with steep slopes and overhangs. Everything went well. Bravo for your concept! "


Bruno on the Way to Santiago de Compostela

"I have already done 400 km since I left the Isère on 25/04/2022 from the village of Brézins. I am now in Vauvert in the Gard and have 1600 km to go. I am very happy with the Tactical XIII trolley which allows me to walk without carrying a heavy bag on my back."

Chariot de randonnée X-Trek v2.jpg
Model X-Trek Camino 2021.jpg



"After using the Model X-Trek for several days in autonomy, I am very satisfied. It's easy to fit on the backpack, light, versatile on all paths and trails, rides well on very rocky trails with a steep incline; for difficult sections, it's more convenient to carry the pack on your back and retrieve the poles or change the route."


Morgane and Albane on the GR34

"We thought the Model X-Trek was great! Flexible, extremely light and manoeuvrable, it goes everywhere and takes a lot of pressure off the back and knees. We thought it would bounce around a bit but it didn't. We recommend it to anyone who goes hiking for one or more days."



Anne and Alex

"A light, practical, 100% French, easy-to-handle hiking cart, and above all one that knows how to be forgotten. Here are the 5 qualifiers that we remember after a 2-day test ride in the Auvergne volcanoes.

The test conditions were varied: different types of paths (asphalt, road, steep single, sand (pozzolan), narrow forest path) and reliefs (plain, hill and volcanoes) in rainy weather (mud and puddles)..."

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